LITWChurch Media Productions is the fully-owned and operated Media Ministry of Love In The WORD Church. Our purpose and approach to protect artists is unusual. We believe that Christian music is written to worship and praise God, first and foremost! The money is important and we are not against money; but it is not the primary focus. The philosophy in the music industry regarding the exploitation of music is that unless someone is willing to pay for the music, they have no right to use it. We get that point of view with secular music where the focus on money is primary. If your music work is prejudged not to bring money, it will not be picked up. We disagree, vehemently!

Christian music should be shared freely with other churches for their worship services free, whether it be audio or video, as long as they are viewing our recorded works. If they wish to perform them live or make money from the performance, then we will follow the same licensing as other artists. We believe our relaxed manner will allow new music to be played in a wider audience driving people to purchase or stream music they like. Utilizing this philosophy, we believe that God will give the increase due to increased exposure and based on the fact that we are seeking Him first and foremost! In this way, we focus on God first and we believe that the finances will follow under divine multiplication. This makes no business sense in the world, but that is indeed the point!

Our focus is on honoring God with our musical works, protecting the intellectual property of our artists, and exploiting the musical work of our artists for our artists’ and our fiscal benefit, in that order and we make our decisions based those priorities.

Since we are global, we look to utilize local talent so that we may enrich the economic and social environment wherein our artists’ labor. So we will contract with producers, sound engineers, musicians, and videographers around the world to produce our master recordings for release and distribution, first over our global network, and then through other usual distribution channels.

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Joyce Elieza Dhahabu Joyce Elieza Dhahabu – Republic of Tanzania

Joyce Dhahabu is a songstress from her original home found in The Republic of Tanzania. Joyce’s music has that African syncopated beat with the Tanzanian folk music flavor. She is a small business owner who loves the Lord and wants to bless God’s people with her praises and prayers to a God that has gifted her life. Joyce Dhahabu is one of the newest acquisitions to LITWChurch Media Productions and LITWChurch Records. Joyce writes her own music and lyrics and is focusing on releasing her first album soon. If you are looking for light praise and worship music that will appeal to the many generations of the church, seek Joyce Dhahabu out soon to be on digital distribution channels worldwide. In the meantime, join us during the Facebook Live broadcasts of Love In The WORD Church, the LITWChurch Media Productions music can be heard daily. Click here to visit her Channel.

Mary Nakafeero Mary Nakafeero – Republic of Uganda

Mary Nakafeero is a national treat of the Republic of Uganda. Listening to her is a joy as she mimics the language and culture of her native Uganda. Many of Mary’s songs follow the traditional beats and interpretations of her native tribe. Her song, “Nze nsiima” means “I Appreciate What God Has Done For Me” is set to the beat of dancing her local dance called “Kiganda dance” and her upcoming video will demonstrate the dance that they use to celebrate God’s bounty in their lives. Neyanziza means “thank you” in Luganda and we are thankful to Mary for giving us updating music that is true to the roots of Uganda. A vocal delight, Mary is beautiful in every aspect of the word. We say “nashukuru asante”, which means in Kiswahili, “We appreciate, thank you God”. Mary is ready to produce her videos and she already has an album about to debut. Welcome Mary to the LITWChurch Records stable of artist.

Titus Mwema WafulaApostle Titus - Republic of Kenya

Apostle Titus Mwema Wafula is an anointed and ordained Christian cleric whose musical style is light, poignant, and praiseworthy. He is a mentee of Bishop Obed Bett, the Lead Bishop of Kenya, Africa for Global Union of Churches and Love In The WORD Church. Apostle Titus was the first artist in the stable of artists that started LITWChurch Media Productions and the LITWChurch Records label. If you want to be uplifted and praise the Lord in song, it is easy to accomplish with the musical stylings of Apostle Titus Mwema Wafula. Watch out for Apostle Titus coming soon to your favorite distribution channels. Click here to visit his Channel

Purity NdiePurity Ndie - Republic of Kenya

Purity Ndie is a pure voice from the nation of Kenya, East Africa. She has joined LITWChurch Records to share her heart with the world. She focuses on things that matter to our youth and has a heart that wants to praise and honor God. There are more original songs, melodies, poems, and videos in the future for Purity. Her youthful appearance and style allows her to connect with the youth of the world and we know that God will be using her to reach the lost. Welcome Purity Ndie to the LITWChurch Records stable of artists. Click here to visit her Channel


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